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Run to Exile Faithful!

Off the top, we hope you are all staying healthy and as positive as possible in this quite unprecedented time. For those that have been affected in any way by the CoVID-19 public health crisis, we're with you. If there's something within our capabilities that we can do to help, let us know. Send us a message through social media or email

We are all making tough decisions and accepting tough sacrifices – running related sacrifices being relatively low priority in this new reality. With that, here's one of our tough decisions: the 2020 Run to Exile is moving to September 19, 2020 to hopefully give our runners, stein holders, and beer drinkers enough time to weather the CoVID-19 storm, restore some normalcy and join us again at Exile Brewing Co for what we hope will be the best way to now start your Oktoberfest!

This is quite the change for an event that's gone strong for seven years running and we still plan to make year eight the best one yet! As a first step, we're excited to announce something that we planned last month, but was derailed by this pandemic...We'll be upgrading runners shirts to Asics technical shirts! With a new Run to Exile logo to boot! There will be more good things in the coming months as well to keep you motivated!

For the moment, registration is closed. Prices will be frozen until race day and, if you are unable to make the new race date, we will have a system in place to defer your registration to 2021. We'll be re-opening registration soon and we'll share additional info through social media and email (please check spam). If you have other questions, please email us at

We are incredibly proud of how well the people in our community have stepped up in trying times and continue to look out for each other. It won’t necessarily start as a pleasant story, but we look forward to the days when we can recount this difficult time in our lives to tell a story of perseverance, community, and resurgence. Hopefully our new date can serve as good motivation throughout the summer to stay fit and healthy and get ready for a new fall celebration of running, beer, and the Greatest City in America.

Keep enjoying your socially distant runs and keep enjoying your Exile! ***

***Order for curbside pickup at!

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